One Way


To tell you guys the truth, I get lazy dressing up during the weekdays for work, because 95% of the time I’m working in front of the computer and sometimes it gets too busy to even get up and go outside for a walk (anyone the same?). As much as I want to dress up, I hardly ever wear heels unless there are meetings that day. One thing I’m truly thankful for are these knee high boots, being able to keep it chic even when they have a flat sole – my one way to dress up most mini skirts as of right now. And yes, I’m so into the trench coat thing right now, as you can probably notice by now? 😉


This year, Skylight is having the Fashion Influencer Awards in Berlin, the dream city! Ever since this Tsangtastic journey started a year and a half ago, I’ve never imagined how amazing this blogging journey could be. Having a full time job and working on this blog at the same time, is not an easy task. But, all the hard work is worth it when creative contents are created with my amazing photographer and being able to share and inspire each and everyone of you with our quality contents. Blogging is definitely a one way path, once you’re in, you would never want to stop, it’s fun, challenging, but in the end, always dress as yourself, be who you are because this was the first reason why the readers are here with you. Stylight is giving a spotlight to many fashion influencers who are also working so hard to fight for their dreams, and it will be a true honor to be able to meet many others out there that are sharing the same passion.

  • amazing trench coat and boots 🙂 Love the look 🙂

  • mc

    love this outfit =)

  • Love this outfit!


  • Oh those knee high boots are so awesome! I love how they have a flat heel too so it’s easier to wear everyday 🙂

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  • I love your trench <3 The waterfall front is super cute!

  • gorgeous outfit!
    yea i totally understand how you feel about not wanting to dress up, i may or may not be still in my pyjamas and it’s the afternoon here.
    i definitely need to get my hands on a flat pair of knee high boots, love them on you!

  • Love this look! Super chic babe.


  • Those boots look amazing on you, and love the snakeskin print— bold yet neutral!

  • nice look, lovely skirt!
    New look on my blog 😉

  • Jen

    love this outfit. So chic

  • Love the OTK boots, they make everything instantly chic. Congrats on getting invited to going to Berlin!


  • I am not a high heel fan at all and these are the best non high heel boots I’ve ever seen! I want them!!!

  • You are SO office chic! loving the knee high boots~



  • Love your skirt!
    Victoria | GlamFizz

  • I am still a student, but I get your point because my going outs usually end up with me sitting behind a desk all day, and it’s school so if I dress up, people will either just keep looking at me weird or keep asking me why I dressed up. I wish a have a job in the future that requires being stylish all the time.

    You look awesome, by the way. ^^

    • Thank you so much love! I really miss being in school and just being in comfort clothes all day everyday, now it’s like trying to make that happen, but in more comfortable layerings and lengths. Don’t let others affect how you dress, be confident in what you wear 😉 xoxo

  • Jo

    I do forget to go take a walk sometimes. Sometimes I am just to lazy but now that it is cold and snowing here I want to walk but can’t! Haha

    Those boots are super cute! A mini skirt that short isn’t work appropriate for my company though.

    • Hi Jo! Then I must not complain about how “cold” LA gets haha 😛 Thanks love!! xoxo

  • I love your coat and skirt!! Fab look.
    ~~ Diana~~

    • Thanks Diana! Deeply in love with the skirt myself too 😉 xoxo