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Hi loves. Let’s chat for a bit, feels like forever. This blogging journey of mine have changed juristically in these 2 years, its evolved into something bigger, something that I’ve never thought it would turn into – amazing experiences, travels, projects, and more importantly, meeting dear friends from all around the fashion industry. When Jerry and I started Tsangtastic, we had a clear direction of producing and maintaining quality visuals that can inspire those (you guys!) who share the same passion as we do! Being able to maintain the blog as well as having a full-time job as an Art Director is definitely not an easy task. I’m still going to work from 9-6 daily, and editing blog pictures at night to get the posts ready by the next morning, then photoshoots during the weekend for all the outfits, working very closely to 24/7. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Can’t believe I’ve done this for the last 2 years, but all in all, it’s because of this passion, and that fashion is the art we live in, with endless possibilities. I’ve had to pinch myself at times during shows at fashion week, being able to witness runways and seeing season-ahead collections right in front of my eyes, always thankful and honored and remember not to take these opportunities for granted.

I’ve decided to share this news with you guys, as the first ones to know! The decision is finally made, tomorrow will be the last day at my full-time job, yup, closing a small chapter and starting a new page to continue this Tsangtastic journey I’ve been honored to have made! Looking back, seeing changes in myself as well as evolving styles, more minimal with an edge with memorable details, sometimes with a masculine touch like this look with a menswear-inspired jacket, cannot wait to see what the future holds. Couldn’t explain or put in words the excitement that’s inside me, thank you so much for sticking with me, following this blog, and social channels especially Instagram, you all are ah-mazing! Cheers to new beginnings! 🙂 xoxo

  • I come a little late (exam week kept me offline) but I wish you great success. Your blog is incredible and we could all aspire to reach your level of quality and dedication. <3

  • Hi Jenny, I just stumbled across your site via Instagram – and I’m absolutely in love with your style and aesthetic! Your photos and style is impeccable, I can’t wait to see what full time blogging will produce. Congratulations and keep doing what you’re doing!

    -Charlene in Los Angeles

    http://www.justgohwithit.com (coming soon – working on launching this blog while working full time 😉 )

  • You couldn’t look more flawless! I love your coat so much 🙂

    Check out my blog if you want: http://www.theglamandglitter.com

    Tamara xxx

  • Congratulations, what an exciting time for you ! Love your outfit dear !
    Have a pretty day !

  • JLu

    Coat is amazing! And you are beautiful!


  • Cherrie

    Support from HK, Congrats!???

  • Congratulations on this new chapter in your life, Jenny! It must’ve taken a lot of courage to make the decision that you did, and words cannot even express the joy I feel for you in taking your blog in this direction 🙂 You’re truly an inspiration! I look forward to even more great things from you in the future! Your blog is always so beautiful and full of style inspiration!

    And btw, your outfit is so lovely! Love the edgy menswear-inspired ensemble! Have a great weekend! <3

    XO, Elizabeth

    • Thanks Elizabeth! Your kind words always put a smile on my face, thank you!!! And I look forward to create more work to continue inspiring you guys! Hope you’re also enjoying the weekend! xoxo Jenny 🙂

  • Yiyi Cheng

    Congratulations to your new life chapter!
    U’ve got lots of Chinese fans too!
    Looking forward to your new posts!?

    • Hahaha, that’s great to know! Thanks Yiyi! 😉 xoxo Jenny

  • Gorgeous!

    kiss Adela Acanski

  • Great jacket! All the best to the beginning and upcoming journey. Will stick through for inspirations and fresh contents like we always do 🙂

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.blogspot.com

    • Thank you Viviene! You guys are so amazing with your kind words! 🙂 xoxo Jenny

  • Good luck and best of luck with this new chapter of your life!

    Agnes x


  • mc

    Congrats on a new chapter =) & love the outfit !

  • Hi Yulia! Haha..organized is a pretty good word! And thank you so much, you’re SO SWEET, it’s always an honor to read you guys’ comments telling me how much you love the visuals/outfits, it’s what keeps me inspired to continue our creativity for the blog and social channels! Looking forward to your continued visits! xoxo Jenny

  • Thank you so much Gemma! You and others always put a smile on my face when you guys tell me how much you love and adore our work, it’s an honor to be able to connect with you guys through my channels, lovely to meet you and can’t wait for your continued visits here on the blog! 🙂 xoxo Jenny

  • Congratulations, what an exciting time for you! 🙂

  • Ollyvia Laura



  • Ollyvia Laura

    always adore your style <3

    so lovely and adorable outfit kak <3


  • Congrats on taking this new, fantastic step! I can truly tell blogging and fashion is your passion and to get to do it full time!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


    • Thanks Vivian! Yes, passion for fashion haha.. Can’t wait to continue creating visuals for you guys! 😉 xoxo Jenny

  • This is such a cool and unique look!

  • Gorgeous look. Terrrific pants.

  • Love your coat!

    || D I A N A ||

  • I love your coat! The blocked coat makes it look like it’s actually cropped, haha.

    xx, Diane || http://www.dizined.com

  • Congratulations on the decision! You produce such high-quality work even while doing the blog part-time that it’ll be mind-blowing to see what you do now this will be your full-time endeavor! I wish you the best and will continue to support you!


    • Thank you Carolyn!! Your support is what keeps me going on creating more inspirations for you guys! ❤ xoxo Jenny

  • Beautiful look Love the coat 🙂

  • This is so exciting, congrats! And you fully deserve it! BTW, I love your outfit,the jacket looks amazing! x


    • Thank you Mira! It’s going to be an exciting new chapter! 🙂 xoxo Jenny

  • Oh my gosh YAYYYYY this is so exciting!!! CONGRATS! Your blog is one of my faves, the consistency and quality of your posts are just amazing, and you will do so so fantastically with all the extra time. I took my blog full time when I graduated and it has been amazing (super scary at times, but still a dream to be able to live out of passion every single day).

    I am so excited for you and so happy to share this journey as one of your readers xxx

    Shot From The Street

    • Hi Lizzy, you’re SO SWEET thank you so much!! and your continued support! Yes, feels ah-mazing to be able to do what we love and what we’re passionate about, I’m excited that you will be part of my journey! 🙂 kisses*! xx Jenny

  • Aja

    I love this outfit, the style, color, everything….


  • Aja

    I love this outfit, the style, color, everything….


  • Perfect coat, I love it!!!