Blooming In Blues

Hello to all lovelies! I think this would be one of my most memorable posts, the reason is, you guys will find out towards the end. So since the California sun is shining bright, it is time to load up my closet with some colorful and exciting skirts. I know there are many choices of printed skirts out there right now, but I do have a few specific preferences when choosing them. First, are the colors and patterns. Second, is the fitting, I usually prefer fitted skirts. Third, which is the most important preference, is the cutting. The cut of the skirt is the most unique part. The print of the skirt might not be outrageous or too simple, but the cut makes a huge difference, just like bringing the spirit of the skirt all together.

This was the reason why I said this would be the most memorable posts! It’s bumping into Jackie Chan while I was shooting for my blog, can’t ask for more :)))


Jenny ❀


  • Ria Michelle July 3, 2013 (7:30 PM)

    I absolutely love that skirt.

  • Vane June 25, 2013 (9:04 AM)

    Oh great tks! A lot cheaper than I thought. πŸ™‚

  • krystal β™₯ June 20, 2013 (6:41 PM)

    Loving the Denim Jacket!

  • Gabi K. June 19, 2013 (4:02 PM)

    Wow! So cool! You look fantastic!

    Lets follow each others blogs on GFC and BLOGLOVIN? Let me know!

  • i.s. June 19, 2013 (1:24 AM)

    cute! x

  • Tsangtastic June 18, 2013 (5:17 PM)

    Hi dear! Thanks for your visit ❀ which size the medium or large?

  • Charlotte June 18, 2013 (10:57 AM)

    Hi again dear! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I’m definetly following you on bloglovin from now β™₯ Also follow your instagram account! Hope you’ll have a great day πŸ˜€

  • Vane June 17, 2013 (9:20 PM)

    Hi Jenny, fist time I visit your blog, nice, I like it
    I see you are a Chanel girl as well and I wondered if you knew the cost of the Boy Chanel bag?

  • Desiree June 15, 2013 (11:52 PM)

    such a beautiful look!
    love your sandals dear

  • rachel June 15, 2013 (8:44 AM)

    your hair is so pretty! and that skirt looks amazing on you:)


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  • Cheri June 14, 2013 (10:17 PM)

    that skirt is so cute! love the look πŸ™‚


  • Tania Pagliai June 14, 2013 (10:13 PM)

    Followed you!!On BL

  • Rebecca June 14, 2013 (5:14 PM)

    Thanks so much for the follow! I followed you back on bloglovin! I am looking forward to more of your posts!


  • Anouka June 14, 2013 (4:56 PM)

    You look fabulous!


  • Rebecca June 14, 2013 (1:59 PM)

    How cool! Jackie Chan is awesome! I just love your skirt! That really is a must have piece! I love the way you styled it!


  • mayita June 14, 2013 (1:02 PM)

    Nice skirt! <3


  • Guilty Bytes June 14, 2013 (9:22 AM)

    love the photos, really cute. Hope you will visit my blog too.


  • Sally June 14, 2013 (2:01 AM)

    This outfit is fabulous! As well as your blog, so beautiful!

    xo S.

  • Emily Tang June 14, 2013 (1:51 AM)

    I have followed u back πŸ™‚
    All ur photos like magazine shot! Love them! Great effort!

  • jocelina June 13, 2013 (10:10 PM)

    Love the colorful outfit and especially that skirt!

    xx Jocelina

  • Vale June 13, 2013 (9:12 PM)

    You are so gorgeous and love your outfit, the bag is awesome ! That’s so much fun that you bumped into Jackie Chan, ahahah, too cool =) Kisses

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  • Sam June 13, 2013 (7:45 PM)

    Aww Jenny that is awesome. I love your skirt. How cool is that bumping into JC while blog shooting, i agree very memorable. You look fantastic anyway and I followed you too on bloglovin.



  • Swee San June 13, 2013 (6:01 PM)

    Love all your outfits! Wow, bumping into Jackie Chan..!! Btw, love the Zara sandals!

  • Ruxandra Ioana June 13, 2013 (5:54 PM)

    Thank you for your message. I am now following via Bloglovin πŸ™‚
    Great skirt btw
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  • Lauren Scorzafava June 13, 2013 (3:23 PM)

    Wow this is STUNNING! Love everything about it! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  • Kristina June 13, 2013 (1:49 PM)

    That jacket is to die for! Denim AND moto? On my wishlist as of right now. You have great style!

  • Nico June 13, 2013 (10:52 AM)

    What great look! You’re right about gfc, but I’m already following u on bloglovin’ πŸ˜‰

  • Malena June 13, 2013 (8:00 AM)

    Your skirt is gorgeous!

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  • stylishlyinlove June 13, 2013 (7:11 AM)

    I am following you on Bloglovin πŸ™‚


  • stylishlyinlove June 13, 2013 (6:38 AM)

    Gorgeous! Love the hues of blues in your outfit! What a beautiful skirt!

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post. Thank you πŸ™‚


  • Yasmin-en-Roos Mclifee June 13, 2013 (6:37 AM)

    Awesome! Cool you just bumped into him πŸ™‚ I’m following you also on bloglovin’!

  • Darina June 13, 2013 (5:47 AM)

    Beautiful! Stunning skirt… so special! πŸ™‚

  • Cathy June 13, 2013 (5:07 AM)

    Followin’ you on bloglovin’ too πŸ™‚

  • Glam up your Lifestyle June 13, 2013 (4:51 AM)

    I got you. I’m no 150

  • Tsangtastic June 13, 2013 (4:50 AM)

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    And where is your bloglovin button?

  • Glam up your Lifestyle June 13, 2013 (4:35 AM)

    Oh i love the jacket. I following you also with bloglovin, thank you

  • Cathy June 13, 2013 (4:24 AM)

    Adorable skirt…print and style! Beautiful style! How exciting to have Mr. Chan included in your post πŸ™‚

  • Erica G. June 13, 2013 (2:49 AM)

    That’s so cool! And your outfit is adorable

  • Sabrina Kwan June 13, 2013 (2:10 AM)

    You look so gorgeous! I love the print on your skirt and the cobalt is a really nice colour on you. Love your style & definitely following you now!

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  • Dania Whyte June 13, 2013 (2:05 AM)


    Style n love, jamaica

  • Grace June 13, 2013 (1:54 AM)

    Ahhh that’s so cool! bumping into him and I love the sandals!!! πŸ™‚ I’m actaully attending a wedding soon so those sandals will be perfect. Now following you πŸ™‚

  • wastedpixie June 13, 2013 (1:43 AM)

    love that this outfit is simple yet stunning! and love the patterns and shape of your skirt so so much <3

    check out my new post featuring a Lookbook shoot of a fashion brand!



  • LoveStyleHappiness June 13, 2013 (1:15 AM)

    Hi Jenny! I would love to connect via Bloglovin and GFC. Following you on both now! =)


  • Emma Cooke June 12, 2013 (10:05 PM)

    I love this kind of blue shade, and how amazing bumping into Jackie Chan!

    Lipsticked Louise

  • a possible fantasy June 12, 2013 (8:56 PM)

    easy chic! love those sandals!
    if you use gfc to follow my blog, please consider switching over to bloglovin’ since google reader is shutting down on july 1. thank you!
    a possible fantasy

  • Vivid June 12, 2013 (7:54 PM)

    Wow! This skirt look so amazing, I’m impressed! You look brilliant and nice! : )


  • Leyla June 12, 2013 (4:45 PM)

    Nice post!

    Really like your blog!Maybe we could follow each other!


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  • Emily Tang June 12, 2013 (2:38 PM)

    wow jackie chan…what a memorable post u have! Both HK meet in LA! How lucky u r to have photograph with him ^^

    hope u visit and comment back in my blog πŸ™‚ TQ

    or can we exchange GFC? instagram?

  • Beauty Follower June 12, 2013 (12:04 PM)

    Hi dear!

    You have an amzing style (love the skirt)!

    Following by GF.

    Thanks so much for your visit πŸ™‚

  • A place to get lost June 12, 2013 (9:56 AM)

    lovely look love your blog!!! I am following you by blogloving, hope you can follow me back!!

  • fizz June 12, 2013 (4:39 AM)

    LOVE that skirt! And can’t believe you bumped into Jackie, that’s so cool!! ^_^


  • Jo June 12, 2013 (4:36 AM)

    That’s so nice of him. Yea, I guess it’s better to speak Chinese than English. I’m following you on instagram and bloglovin.

    xo Jo

  • libys11 June 12, 2013 (1:44 AM)

    wow!! that’s so amazing, for you to bump into jackie chan! πŸ˜€

    love this entire look from head to toe!! πŸ˜€ the jacket is stunning and that skirt is one of a kind! πŸ˜€

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  • lisa June 12, 2013 (1:28 AM)

    cuteee love your outfit! that cobalt blue looks gorgeous on you!!

    haha so neat love jackie chan!

  • Tsangtastic June 11, 2013 (11:06 PM)

    Thanks Jo ❀ And yes, he was so nice, we chatted a little bit about why he was in LA, and the funny thing is, we talked to each in Chinese, haha ;)))

  • nancy @ adore to adorn June 11, 2013 (10:56 PM)

    how cute!! haha. You are adorable! And how fun to bump into Jackie Chan!!

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  • LoveStyleHappiness June 11, 2013 (10:36 PM)

    that’s so cool that you ran into Jackie Chan! And i love your outfit btw… especially the skirt!


  • vanessa mercado June 11, 2013 (10:34 PM)

    thanks for visiting my blog. Following you now! Kisses from VV!!

  • vanessa mercado June 11, 2013 (10:33 PM)

    thanks for visiting my blog. Following you now! Kisses from VV!!

  • Jo June 11, 2013 (4:22 PM)

    I love your style! I just followed you on GFC. Haha. Can’t believe you bumped into Jackie Chan! Was he nice?

    xo Jo

  • Madeline Veloria June 11, 2013 (6:41 AM)

    Great outfit! I love the shape of this denim jacket…so unique and different from the denim jackets everyone else is wearing πŸ™‚ And the cut of the skirt is fabulous!

    Veloria in velvet

  • Rhea Bue June 11, 2013 (6:06 AM)

    OMG!!SO cool you were able to meet Jackie Chan!!! πŸ˜€ EPIC!!! and ohhh.. I love your whole look here! <3

  • Erica Sobrinho June 11, 2013 (5:06 AM)

    Hey doll, thanks for follow, i just followed you back with gfc #228

  • Avellia Anwar June 11, 2013 (3:21 AM)

    nice skirt… wow wish I could meet Jackie Chan T.T
    Thanks for following me, already followed yours

    keep in touch,
    Miss Aa

  • Erica Sobrinho June 11, 2013 (1:13 AM)

    Just love this outfit, the skirt it’s gorgeous, you have a great blog, what about follow each other ?
    Let me know on my blog !

  • thedailysavant June 10, 2013 (11:55 PM)

    What a fun hemline on your skirt! Love it!

  • maggie June 10, 2013 (9:01 PM)

    omg that’s so funny! you bumped into jackie chan!

    really love your skirt! love your style jenny~

  • Lilli June 10, 2013 (7:58 PM)

    Wow, the photo with Jackie Chan is so cool! You look beautiful, I like the colors matching and the heels!:) Kisses! xo

  • sandrine jouss June 10, 2013 (7:22 PM)

    Super πŸ™‚

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  • Tali June 10, 2013 (6:51 PM)

    OMG you bumped into Jackie Chan just like that! πŸ™‚ Lucky girl πŸ™‚ I soo loved his movies when I was a kid!

    I’m in love with your outfit, it’s perfect! The skirt is simply amazing.

  • Raquel Trejo June 10, 2013 (6:36 PM)

    OMG I want your skirt!! it’s amazing!

  • Fabiola June 10, 2013 (2:21 PM)

    Gorgeous outfit!!!!!!

    like your blog. what about following each other??..

  • Rakel Campos June 10, 2013 (11:39 AM)

    love the look πŸ™‚

  • bianca June 10, 2013 (7:55 AM)

    love everything about this look, especially the skirt! xoxo

  • JU June 10, 2013 (6:02 AM)

    great outfit! i love the heels and the skirt! how funny that you ran into jacky chan!

  • Elle berman June 10, 2013 (4:00 AM)

    great post! I love the way you put yourself together- the outfit looks great on you.

    That is a happy surprise at the end.

    XX, Elle

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