Blooming In Blues

Hello to all lovelies! I think this would be one of my most memorable posts, the reason is, you guys will find out towards the end. So since the California sun is shining bright, it is time to load up my closet with some colorful and exciting skirts. I know there are many choices of printed skirts out there right now, but I do have a few specific preferences when choosing them. First, are the colors and patterns. Second, is the fitting, I usually prefer fitted skirts. Third, which is the most important preference, is the cutting. The cut of the skirt is the most unique part. The print of the skirt might not be outrageous or too simple, but the cut makes a huge difference, just like bringing the spirit of the skirt all together.

This was the reason why I said this would be the most memorable posts! It’s bumping into Jackie Chan while I was shooting for my blog, can’t ask for more :)))


Jenny ❤


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