Crop The Palms

My obsession with skirts is unstoppable. I can pass by an overly stunning pair of trousers and tell myself “maybe next time”, but when it comes to these unique and playful skirts, I have no control over myself, but just grab and go. 

Today, instead of dressing it up with fancy tops and jewelry, I decided to do it the relaxed way. One great thing about these cropped skirts is that it’s already a statement by itself, so a relaxed and loose tank top asymmetrically tucked in is the route I went for. But to keep the outfit chic, I threw on a pair of nude heels as a sweet option. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to have fun with your sunny shades, especially because I’ve been in love with mirrored sunglasses lately. Enjoy!

The Outfit:

Non-branded Leather Bracelet (similar here)
Old Tank Top (similar here)

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Jenny ❤



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