Paris Behind Me



The beauty of the Eiffel Tower is rooted behind many’s mentality, that includes myself. Built in 1889 and until today, it’s become one of the world’s most substantial and well-known architectural structures. The tower have always symbolized romance to me, at least that is all I sense when the visual comes to my mind. With Paris leading the most recent fashion week, I realized pieces that were inspired by the charming city of France. Catherine Malandrino recently collaborated with DesigNation and designed a collection that was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, and this dress right away fascinated me. The low mesh back was sensuous, and integrating the tower design brought this piece alive. The length of the overall dress was long enough to bring elegance, and the high neckline conveyed sophistication. This dress is certainly one of the most romantic dresses I have encountered.

P.S. These pointed booties are my current obsession.

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