Lightly Powerful

Mango Jacket
Mango Blouse
Blaque Label Skirt
Vita Fede Bracelet
Zara Boots (also love this)
Chanel Boy Bag (this is also an alternative)

Happy Friday everyone! Feeling absolutely good today, the sun is out and weather is just getting warmer again after the rain. This light palette outfit is excellent for spring, and helps brighten the day even more, don’t you think? It’s hard to find that perfect embellished skirt, but I did! The silver and gold threading creates luxurious shine to the outfit without being too flashy. The embellishment is subtle, yet very appealing against the white. With the love of blouses, this horizontal striped blouse from Mango is one of a kind. The solid stripes with the mesh material of the shirt creates dimension and layering effect all in one. Completed the outfit with a tan suede jacket to enhance the spring impression, love the color so much!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!
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