Frosted Waves

Concrete Runway Sweater (alternative here)
ASOS Crop Top – layered inside
Bec & Bridge Skirt
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
ASOS Heels
Chanel Boy Bag (also love this)

California is such a lucky place to live in – sunshine, warmth, palm trees, and most importantly, variety of beaches. Brought my dear friend around LA, who is visiting from Hong Kong, we drove to Malibu for the seafood market lunch, and took advantage to hang out at the beach for a bit. Working full-time, and being a blogger, rarely do I get rest or even have the time to “take a day off”, but who cares, at least I enjoy every bit of effort I put into this blog and be able to share with you guys! Anyhew, I’d have to say that this is officially a must-have skirt for summer, not only is the wave hemline unique, but with the croc texture makes the piece extra exciting. Sweaters are usually not something to put on during summer, but the thin mesh material with little solid fabrics around it creates a cute frosted pattern, and breathable throughout. Underneath is a crop top to create a bit of layering. Another detail I want to point out is the frame fabric on the sunglasses, it’s velvet! It creates a matte finish in contrast with the mirrored lens, how incredible! …Blah blah blah, ok I’m done, it’s Friday! xoxo

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