Bohemian Blues & Satin Shorts

ASOS Shirt (love this too)
Concrete Runway Shorts (with lace here // with leather here)
Jennifer Zeuner Necklace
ASOS Heels
Chanel Boy Bag (isn’t this cute too?)

Those of you who are located in LA, I’m sure you guys understand this inconsistent weather change in the past few weeks where at times, it was either windy cold, or extremely heated up (like now!). My outfits are definitely not pulled unit the day of, but it’s ok, as long as the sun is out to play! This week flew by so quickly (I actually feel this way almost every week on Fridays, haha), but seriously, it did, in a good way. Just planned a short getaway trip in two weeks for a short weekend at Vegas, not to party, but to enjoy some pool time and soak in the heat from the desert, can’t wait to share with you guys! In the mean time, make sure to stay connected with me on Instagram (@tsangtastic) to get the first glimpse of all tsangtastic moments!

Talking about this outfit, I found that perfect long sleeve shirt for late Spring and early summer. The breathable woven material with the blue cutout embroidery makes it a darling piece! Bright blue and white is always the perfect combo for this time of year. I paired it with a light weight satin shorts to stay airy and fresh, and so in love with the croc textured outline which enhances the overall look.

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