Las Vegas Day 1

Finally back in LA! Missed the craziness in Vegas so much, hopefully will be visiting sometime soon! So I’m sharing with you guys the outfit I wore day 1. Our flight to Vegas on Friday night was delayed 4 hours, so by the time we got to our hotel it was already 3am, and got only 4 hours of sleep, but whatever, work hard, play hard right?! The hot, dry weather didn’t seem to allow too much layering, almost wanted to just wear a bikini out since it was SO HOT, but it’s kind of inappropriate so I had to drop the idea haha :p Loved how this bustier have two complimentary sides and highlights which wraps together in the front and creates an asymmetrical hemline, very unique and a statement piece by itself. Paired it with a combined leather skirt, again, with two complimentary color and texture that wraps in the front with the asymmetrical detail, SO IN LOVE! This outfit was very light and just easy to navigate around in, more importantly, easily convertible to a nighttime outfit, couldn’t ask for better!

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