Bird of Paradise



Free from polluted cities, sunshine soaks into the skin feeling warm and relaxed inside and out, and then walking into a land with nothing but greens in 360. Weekends are all about absorbing that mysterious energy to prep for the upcoming week ahead. Instead of going for the beach this time, we decided to take a long walk in some place filled with trees and grass, a total different type of paradise that hides in the city of LA. A lot of times when I’m stressed, people just tell me to take a deep breath, but nothing compares to the moment where you can only see lands of green miles and miles away, just kind of forgetting how the city and the traffic madness looks like. And just to be ironic, wish I had prepped a bottle of green juice to sip on along the way.

Talking about the outfit, slipped into this roomy and relaxed romper and that incorporated various elastic bands to create structure and hugs different parts of the body the right and cute way. Talking about the print, have to point out how much I love the tropical print that is mixed with bold stripes to create contrast and depth for the entire look. Finally, have to share my love about these new sandals that came in last week, I AM OFFICIALLY IN AN INSEPARABLE LOVE MODE WITH THEM! Hahaha! It’s like wearing boots in the summer, and the swirly design is definitely one of a kind.

Thanks for stopping by and continue to enjoy your summer, free like a bird!
xoxo Jenny


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