d.RA Shanna Dress
Bauhaus Leather Jacket – wrapped around (similar here // here)
BaubleBar Pearl Drop Earrings
Enzo Angiolini Bootie (also available here)
Chanel WOC

The perfect white dress for the summer days is something that you can swing in, run in, shop in, play in, and more importantly, look chic in. The embroidered detailing with crochet insets make this dress the “cute” dress. What I absolutely adore is the Y-neck, I feel like these types of cross front dresses and/or tops enhance the shoulder line more and makes your entire figure look structured and thinner. Aside from the swingy cut, I used a thin leather jacket to wrap around the waist (instead of a belt) to contrast the dress and give it some depth. And paired it with some pointed bootie to create this summer to fall look.

Was never really a babydoll type of person. Growing up with strict parents, aka my dad, he had guided me into being the tougher girl. “The tougher you are, the more likely you’ll succeed in life”, was what he had once said to me. But ever since going to college and living in another city, and exploring the world by myself, I’ve learned that being tough is only a part of it, the bigger part is be who you are, ask yourself if this is something that will make you happy when taking a step. Being nice and sweet is not a living requirement, but this is how I choose to treat others because it feels absolutely amazing when seeing others smile. Tough is still inside of me, but I’d rather have others learn that about me, not know me about.

Here comes another good week everyone!
xoxo Jenny – @tsangtastic


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