Graphically Charged



With a blink of an eye it’s Friday once again. Can’t believe it was a exactly a week ago when I arrived Vegas. After all the celebration and the last hooray before reality hits again, it’s time to sort out photos and get the editing work going so I can share with you guys. But first, I have to thank everyone who wished me Happy Birthday, it’s a blessing and an honor to be able to connect with you through this blogging world, Thank You so much! And so, talking about Friday, comfort right? Maybe comfort with a little print? Ok, not a little, but a lot of print to keep the energy up before 6pm ticks. Maxi dresses are my Friday best friends, especially these printed ones that will catch attention the moment the elevator door opens. And talking about the slits, it can probably score me a few drinks during happy hour, just saying.

xx Jenny


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