Island Dream



MLM Label Tunic (also love this // this)
Topshop Leather Pants (similar here // here)
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Natalie B Necklace
SHH Rings & Bangles
Miu Miu Shoes
Chanel Boy Bag

Full time working as an art director Monday through Friday, and also managing this blog life after hours, pretty much don’t have a “day off”, at least not yet. When workload feels like it’s about to choke me, it’s time for a mini vacation getaway. Jerry and I have recently discovered about this little and gorgeous Catalina Island, in Avalon, just 22 miles south of Los Angeles. Without doing any research we decided to hop on the ferry the next morning and just go with the flow. I remember the moment I stepped out of the ferry and onto this island was pretty magical, the pacific water was extremely clear (maybe because we’re literally out in the ocean), so clear that I was able to see vibrant orange fishes everywhere. This excitement carried through the rest of the day as we rented a golf cart to travel around the small city and explored so many stunning spots. Was very sad that we didn’t plan to stay a night or else we would have been able to do a lot more, especially going to the tours that the island offers – dolphin quest and snorkeling!! Can’t wait to be back…


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