Self-Portrait Dress
(also loving this blue // this multi // this black)
La Canadienne Boots (obsessing over these // these)

Are we all so in love with these vivid Fall foliage or am I just over reacting because rarely would we ever see these scenes because we’ve been staying in southern California for too long (you know, palm trees all day every day)? A few weeks ago, when Jerry and I planned the northbound trip, this location was the first on my list. Knowing that November was coming to an end, we had to catch these acer saccharum before the yellow is gone. Growing up in Sacramento, I never learned to appreciate these beautiful things until I eventually moved away first to college in San Francisco, and then now to Los Angeles. We shot this look the day before all the rain and gloomy skies arrived, and purposely waited until 3pm when the warmth of the sun is at its strongest. Nothing would have been more perfect than this dress, one piece that combines all my favorite details – lace, leather, and sheer mesh. It’s feminine, modern, and classic.


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