The Opening


Happy 2015 loves! Thank you so much for all your beautiful comments in the last post, 2014 was amazing because each one of you reminds me the reason why I started Tsangtastic and the passion to continue to share, even sometimes, that weird me, hahaha. Who already started this year with a relaxing vacation in the last week? Sorry for the short absence, I’ve been away and traveling up North with family and friends, and it was the time of the year to unplug from the blog and internet for a bit, sort of a regroup and restart. Now, gladly to say, I’M BACK! Can’t wait to share the photos with you guys later on the week (hint: breathtaking views).


Speaking of traveling, the first thing I ever plan and think about are the outfits. Comfort is always on the top of my list, and then comes the different kind of layer I could possibly put together with the limited number of pieces that could fit in my suitcase. During this wintery season, no matter how casual or dressed up an outfit could be, outerwear is the main piece that ties the look together. Few Moda impressed me with this chic and tough trench coat. The classic design made with this unique sturdy material helped maintain a more structured, contemporary look. It’s modern, yet a very sophisticated piece, making it one of the perfect companions to travel with all year long.


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