We finally had the opportunity to explore and bask in the sun of Central Park during the coldest weekend of NYC this year. Soaking in the sun from the city’s irreplaceable winter wonderland. Starting to appreciate everything around us even during the busy fashion week schedule. Jerry and I actually woke up at 6am (totally not a morning person!) and fought our way through the strong wind that day to visit this beautiful part of the busy city. There was no other place I’d rather be than to see this true winter wonderland in February before Spring arrives.


There’s this one little detail design, when on repeat, makes a look so much more powerful and sophisticated – thin vertical stripes, known as pinstripes. Years before, I’ve always had the feeling of pinstripes are only suitable for business professionals, which they still are now, but when mixed with our everyday looks, it adds a fresh refinement to any outfit. Inspired by menswear, this structured long coat is simple and elegant, worn over a denim top to contrast the two different vibes – favorite part, and threw on a simple pair of leatherette pants with some pointed-toe boots for the edgier side. P.S. Should have brought sunglasses.


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