Electrify : Coachella 2015



A week ago today, I was packing after midnight getting super excited for Coachella. A week later, now, laying on my red sofa at home, have never felt so eager to drive out there to the desert once again and party weekend two! Are any of you heading to Coachella this weekend? Here’s another look during the festivity. I’ve always carried a jacket because at night, the desert wind gets a little too chilly for me in Indio, especially when we have to walk a long way back to our cars. This chain shift dress was so fun to wear around, people stopped and complimented, especially when paired with my electric blue suede jacket, the contrast was absolutely outstanding. During our last day (day 3) of Coachella, the mascot caterpillar turned into a butterfly! Such a beautiful ending to a great week, can’t wait until next year!


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