By Nature



Stripes – the conclusion to your hesitations. While the weather in Los Angeles have been uncommonly gloomy and chilly, we traveled up North for the weekend, to chase the sunshine perhaps. While I packed a suitcase full of knits and long jeans, I’ve also prepped a separate luggage with prints and more colorful pieces in case the weather gets better than expected, which did! While prints are absolutely the key to summer, florals in particular, I lean towards stripes pretty often. Florals are a bit too girly girl at times, where as, stripes are for everyone! A good play on stripes create amazing pieces like this particular dress where they run in different directions through different parts and panels, establishing an interesting visual effect. My favorite part of this runway dress is…….can you guess? The optional slits on the skirt!

We actually didn’t “plan” on this photo shoot, we happen to pass by this dry land during our 6-hour road trip. Best moments captured unexpectedly, and the opportunity to enjoy pure nature. Thanks for reading everyone!


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