From LA to SF : Part 1



Happy Monday my loves! Kicking this Monday off with this visual diary that I will be sharing with you guys through the entire week – work trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Some of you might already know from the last post about my full-time job as an art director, as well as managing this blogging career as my second, it gets a bit crazy and honestly, there were countless sleepless nights. To get a little more personal, I’ve recently started to slowly move away from the full-time and shifting entire focus on this Tsangtastic journey. It’s not an easy step, but believes that moving on, and out of the safe zone will lead to a much brighter achievement! 😉 And through many hard work and perseverance, it opened up to many exciting projects and creative work that I’ve never dreamed of, more importantly, knowing you guys through this blog, meeting talented peers who share the same passion, as well as being able to travel to different cities – all of these keep me inspired to share more, create more, and chase more!

With much said, I’ve partnered with Samsonite to bring one of these many business road trips to show you guys how I travel from point A to point B and everything in between. As a modern day business traveler, many of us are not in suits and briefcases anymore, some might be in jeans, shorts, and in my case, especially during summer, skirts or dresses will do. Normally before I take off on a long drive (6+ hours to San Francisco with no signal), I like to stop by the closest cafe for final email checks/replies – so I can shut down the computer and focus on the upcoming nature beauty drive!

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