The Art of You



I believe that there’s always an artistic vein in all of us, either hidden because you haven’t discovered it just yet, or those who have become artists of infinitive ways working your own magic to continue inspiring others. Getting creative can sometimes be very simple that you might not even notice, like doodling in a notebook, or drawing on a table with your fingers dipping in water. As a girl growing up learning painting and illustration, and soon enough\studying art and design during college, I knew exactly the path, and transformed my hobby to a profession.

Curtains up, revealing to you all the latest project we’ve been working tirelessly for PANDORA, surrounding their newest campaign – “The Art of You”. PANDORA has always been a jewelry brand that speaks truly to my heart and their vast collection of jewelry allows women express their individuality, embrace the self-creator within and craft their unique personal story that complements any style, every day. The newest Rose™ pieces aligned perfectly with my love of blush metal and a unique match with my go-to silver/white gold, which is exactly what I did here to contrast these dainty pieces together. Personalized jewelry speaks a story of your own, it’s unique, and that’s why it’s so interesting just like each and every one of us.

The moment I read the line, The Art of You, paintings came directly to my mind and it was how this frame idea came alive. Each painting and artwork that hangs around us represents a moment that the artist captures with his/her brush strokes. But what if these moments weren’t past tense anymore, just like right now, right at this second. After all, as Henry David Thoreau said, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

Photography: Jerry Lai & Jessica Law
Creative Director, Stylist, Model: Jenny Tsang

@tsangtastic Instagram

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