Nailed It : Black With Silver Linings


Happy December everyone! Fresh manicure and nail design to welcome this festive month! I’ve decided to give some tips on how I normally take care of my nails for the best moisturized and healthy look in this freezing weather – this works whether you do your nails at home or get your nails done at a salon. Starting from the base, let’s talk about cuticles. We just love how fresh our fingers look after getting a manicure done right? Well, we can actually get these dead skin off by ourselves at home using this cuticle remover, it’s super easy and works magic. Then I would apply a basecoat to smooth out tiny ridges and uneven parts for the best finished result. *At times when I like my nails to get some rest, this is where I’d stop because this foundation basecoat is wearable alone, and looks quite perfect. I love black nails for this season because it wears longer, especially since we wear darker clothes, this prevents lighter nail designs to get dark edges. Some of my favorite black nail polishes include this, this and this. Style tip: choose a different color for the ring fingers to make your designs pop (I chose a lighter nude)! Lastly, also the most important part, I apply cuticle oil everyday to nourish dry cuticles, it makes a huge difference on how your nail looks throughout the day, it moisturizes so that the dried skin (the annoying white line on the bottom) will become invisible!

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