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Though there might be thoughts that I’m sharing a lot of everything on social media, that’s not quite true, at least not too much of my personal life. I think there’s an invisible line between sharing all my thought bubbles in fashion/photography/travels/eats, than let’s say, Jerry hasn’t called today. But I’ve realized maybe it’s time to open up a bit more, letting you guys see deeper who Jenny Tsang is. Whatever it is or will be, here’s a first contribution of finally introducing Jerry, the man I’ve dated for 7+ years since high school, the photographer behind Tsangtastic, and my very best friend in life – the one who sees the crazy or annoying (only sometimes!!) side of me. 😛

What should we talk about? How did we started dating? Where? Let’s not bored you guys in this first intro. We’ll sort of begin with something more aligned to the aesthetic of this blog – yep, fashion. Jerry isn’t the biggest fan of shopping nor paying too close of attention on today’s popular denim fit. He just likes to be in pieces where he feels most comfortable and not worry about material wearing out or shrinking, you know, typical men thoughts. And most of the time, I’m the one shopping for him because we girls know what’s good or what’s not, right? 😉 7 For All Mankind just launched their FoolProof Denim line…perfect for all those guys out there who love their premium denim and don’t want to worry about taking care of it. FoolProof Denim is a men’s jean that finally won’t stretch or shrink regardless of wash and an accidental dry! Personally love how ultra soft these denim feels because sometimes men’s denim tend to be more rough, stiff, or too raw. Regarding fits, skinnies are my go-to, so is his, and sometimes straight-cuts depending on occasions or where we’re headed that day. Whatever silhouette he loves, this collection will have him covered.

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