Linear Collection : Tsangtastic x Mejuri



From a couple years ago when I stilled lived in Sacramento, where I grew up, it has always been a goal to move to a much larger city, to move with the accelerated pace and expand vision to chase bigger achievements. The city dream became a journey that began when I first moved to San Francisco, then now to Los Angeles. Both cities have their own sparkles and have inspired me a lot, and currently, what I love about LA is the accelerated pace in a more relaxed environment – that sounds a bit controversy right?

Everyday is faced with various challenges now that I’m working as a full-time blogger as well as a freelance creative and photographer for a couple of brands that I adore and truly look up to. But in the end, when the results are seen and my work recognized, the achievement is more than words can ever be described. Getting through these hustling days means to find a corner for relaxation and reboot before other projects begin. Thankfully, beaches such as Santa Monica, Malibu, Venice are just minutes away from the city where unplug and unwind is reachable.

Finding that balance and minimalism at heart, knowing that life is as simple as it can be, thus treasuring our happiness and aiming the path to chase our dreams – “Linear”, the inspiration behind this capsule collection that I’ve designed in collaboration with Mejuri. Crosswalks that signatures a lot of my photos representing the pace of the city that moves us, yet still able to find our rhythm to sparkle in the middle of it all.

Hope you guys will adore this on-going collection, with its purity, minimalism and elegance that will keep us inspired everyday.


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