I absolutely LOVE the weather right now! The sun is gorgeous, yet there would still be cool breezes swinging by. A big thing I get excited about hitting Spring and Summer is…..DRESSES! I cannot live without dresses, and I love wearing dresses with boots and/or booties so much, so I would definitely take advantage of it before it feels like… an oven in LA =P Most of the time, I think it’s hard to find a cute white dress that has some sort of texture or design on it that’s settle and unique. But I think I have found my first white dress for this Spring and Summer.

The texture and detail of this dress is amazing, and is really what makes this dress so different.

This Balenciaga double bracelet is another one of those accessories that really goes with anything and everything, the rosegold material would match with either silver and gold accessories.

A lot of sales associates told me that Balenciaga is discontinuing large silver giants, so sad! I’m not that crazy about the new “Giants” (known as Giant 12) which is a smaller version of these studs. I feel like these larger studs are more of a statement.

I threw on:
Zara Boots

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