I was running some errands in Beverly Hills today, and thought today would be a good “I feel like some pictures”…..ok, maybe that happens all the time 😛 Since Spring has arrived, stripes are definitely one of my best friends. And silk pants are sooooo comfortable to wear and very relaxing (especially on these running errands day), yet it can be dressy all at the same time, heels would do the magic! They are loose fit, and I love the lightness of the material and the way it flows as I walk. I love wearing silk pants with loose sweaters or cardigans, the looser the better. During Spring and Summer, most of the time, I tend to stay away from thick jeans, because of the material feeling too attached to my skin and makes me uncomfortable, and yes, especially with the warmer weather in LA.


I saw this lovely fluffy lady as I walked out from getting coffee, can’t resist taking a picture of her cuteness and fluffiness!
I threw on:
Chanel Wallet On Chain (WOC)
Steve Madden Patent Pumps – similar here
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