Hello to my lovely readers! I’ve been so delighted to get this post up. Not only because of my favorite white on white outfit, but 1 – because I found the perfect location that actually matches my t-shirt design so well and 2 – it’s PINK, how much more perfect can it get? For the outfit today, I chose white on white because it’s my all time favorite combo. What’s great about it is each piece I put on today have its own unique detail which makes the outfit so great and not boring. I was thrilled when I saw this leopard T-shirt because this is not a typical design, but a design that vibrates with like a 3D color effect which is so strong and definitely catches attention. Another item that I wanted to point out is the white skirt, it has a floral detail sort of engraved to the material, very settle, yet very fun and elegant. The weather is getting so hot in LA but I would always look for something to layer with, and this white linen vest really pumped up the outfit to give it a flow. What I love about the vest is that it has shoulder pads. I’m so obsessed with apparel with shoulder pads because it lifts up the whole figure and makes the entire outfit more tasteful.

Enough said, I hope you guys will enjoy this post. Here we go.

I threw on:
Chanel 2.55 Caviar Medium Classic Flap Bag
Mango Vest
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Thanks a lot for reading!
Jenny ❤


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