When it comes to color combinations, I think I have an equation of my own. Black and white is such a classic combination that can never go wrong, however, at times when you add a pop of color to it, it makes the entire outfit stand out so much more. Today I chose the color red. Not only can red lift up the excitement of the outfit, it’s also very pleasing to the eye because red is such a welcoming color (at least in my opinion).

Also, I wanted to wear red to celebrate that I’ve reached my first 100 followers on GFC and Lookbook, and over 200 followers on Instagram!!! To further celebrate, I will be having a GIVEAWAY on my next post (clue: something from a branded pink store, anyone can take a guess?), so stay tuned! ;)))

I threw on:
Nordstrom Necklace
Thanks a lot for reading and stay tuned for my first GIVEAWAY on my next post!


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