Flourishing Denim



Have you guys ever thought to yourself, “This is a piece of art!” while stumbling upon some clothes while shopping? Well, that is what happened when I saw these jeans. As I walked closer and closer to this pair of jeans, I noticed that the motif was actually done in needlepoint! With that detailing, how I can resist? The outstanding contrast of black and white is classic, making it as versatile as you want it to be. With the jeans being the star of the show, throwing on a sheer relaxed tee will definitely make the look effortless. In order to add a bit of color and depth, denim blue was my color of choice. To add in denim blue, what could be better and more fitting than a loose denim shirt (with leather detailing on the shoulders)? I mean, look at the shoulders! The little subtle details make all the difference and really take even the most relaxed outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. I hope you guys all have a fabulous and relaxing weekend. Refuel all you need before a busy Monday starts again! Xoxo


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