Modern Ocean Stripes



Vitamin A Swimsuit (also love this // this)
Lacoste Shirt – boyfriend’s (similar here)
Hudson Shorts
Rue Gembon Pearl Rings
Lomography Camera

On days when I’m stressed out at the office, beach. Moments when I feel out of energy and in need of relaxation, beach. Times when I walk out of the house feeling the weather is too hot, beach. Nights when I glance through possible vacation locations, beach. Beach beach beach, when would I possibly think you’re not attractive anymore? The most exciting part though, is really putting on that swimsuit to finish the picture. Every girl knows their body shape the most, and I absolutely adore one piece swimsuits, like this one by Vitamin A from Canyon Beachwear. The coverage is extremely appropriate, and some girls (like me) might want something that doesn’t show too much skin, which is perfect. The curved stripe design enhances that modern feel and gives so much energy to the piece itself. Another thing I love about one piece is they can be worn with shorts during summer and it looks just as good as wearing a tank/tee. It would be perfect for a lunch meet-up, because sometimes, you might end up spending the rest of the day at a pool, or in my case, the beach.

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