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My very first pair of culottes for the year. The perfect comfy pants that I thought was a flare midi skirt at a glimpse. The reason I’m in love with it because it has that sophisticated midi skirt silhouette, but they’re actually pants that I can literally run around in not having to worry about a thing. And this new blazer of mine, combination of some of my favorite fall colors (navy, maroon, beige), in check print, made it to my top go-to wardrobe list for work during the week.

Hoping that you guys had an amazing weekend, mine was also quite good. Was really, really, thankful for all your support in this blogging journey. Tsangtastic started only mid last year, and over the weekend, my Instagram reached over 20k – I know this number is still very small, but I am not comparing. Every single like and comment that you guys have given equals a shining star. I have never imagined that it will go so far, and you guys empower Jerry and I to work harder in our photography and creation of Tsangtastic’s content. Extremely grateful to keep on going with all your love, thank you so much!


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