Mono Luxe



You guys you guys! I’m finally feeling relieved because it’s end of the weeeeek! Trying my best to get all the relaxation – poolside drinks, long girlfriend hangs, or maybe just hanging on the couch, whatever it is that takes me away from the monitor for just a bit before some craziness begins in the coming weeks. There’s been quite a lot going on lately that I can’t share just yet – trust me, it’s something very special again! Heehee~ More so, prepping for New York Fashion Week which feels like never-ending, in a good way though! Alright, getting back to this outfit. Let’s talk about sleek dresses that will get you through a Friday night feeling sexy, yet sophisticated and feminine – yup, this dress does it all. The soft poly blend establishes a very soft fit, and it accentuates a very feminine silhouette, best part is of course the high front slit – who wouldn’t love that?! Topped it with my new white leather jacket from dear Anine, a modern luxe piece that I can’t wait to wear out.

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